best food tips to prevent heart attack

Our heart is the very important and very sensitive organ of human body. As we all know in previous days heart attack comes at the age of above 60 but present entire situation is reverse today the heart attacks comes at the age of 14 children. Due to high fat contain  food will be eaten like fast foods, sleeping hours would be 3to4 hours, smoking, drinking alcohols, depression etc due to this causes blood pressure is increase and its lead to heart attack.


There are some foods we should eat it relief to our heart that never would be come heart attack. Take a less fatty foods that would good for our heart. Now these foods taken to prevent heart attack like:
·      Tomatoes is best for heart it contains liecopin it good for heart.

·      Almonds, and walnuts its reduces bad cholesterol in our body its contains vitamin E.

·      Leafy vegetables would be taken its give good strength to the heart.

·      Oats meal is reduces bad cholesterol in our body and it improve digestion it works like sponge bad cholesterol is taken and improve the blood flowing.

·      Whole wheat bread and some other grains are also good for our heart. 

·      Pomegranates, apple it contains high anti accidents we take atleast three months these food in our heart blood flowing improves.

·      Bananas contains potassium, magnesium it reduces blood pressure in our heart

NOTE: It take limit to eat bananas it high take it also bad for heart.

·      Black berries, blue berries, rasp berries it contain manganisis, potassium it reduces the blood pressure in our heart ,and musk-melon is also same.

·      Apricots is also good for heart.

·      Salmon fish is good for heart .It control the heart beat, removes bad cholesterol in veins.

·      Dark chocolates it would be 60% to 70% made of coco its reduces the high blood and pressure, improve to blood flowing capacity in our heart.

·      NOTE: there is a no use of such chocolates like milkchocolates, candy bars. Dark chocolates also eat in limit. 

This above tips will be follow you can definitely never face the heart attack problem.