India won Asia cup

India won the match   at last over by Bangladesh. Indian cricket team has just few steps back to win at 14 overs to score 69. At that time a sudden changes was happen Dhoni was out jadav was gone to Pavillion. Due to this reasons Bangladesh has think to be won. Bangladesh thinking was broken by Jadeja and Bhavaneshwar with the score of 45. At last finally team India won by 3 wickets. India lose the tose and Bangladesh choose batting with scored 222 by 48.3 overs. Litan daas his first century was wasted with score 117.Indian bowlers like kuldip has take 3 wickets and jadav take 2 wickets Indian team score was 223 by 50 overs and Rohit sharma has lead with top score of indiain cricket team with score of 48.

100 score partnership 

Bangladesh takes a huge risk by with this two persons has opener of the match. One of the person plays only 17 one day innings with highest score was 41  and other person plays only only 16 one day innings he never play has below sixth number. But those two persons gives the big results to team Bangladesh with score 100 above score. Those persons are Mohadi Hasan and Litan Daas. Last 27 one days matches openers did first time to score over 100 partnership. At 20 overs bangladesh score was 116.

 Spiners has raised

Bangladesh innings at 21st over was changed  because of Mohadi Hasan was out by kedar Jadav bowling tht partnership was broken.  Kaise(2) wicket take by Chahal with lb pavilion.,mushhikar(5) was run out.,mohamadulla(4) was out, at score 31 Bangladesh lose 5 wickets. Kedar Daas and murtaza was stumped out by Dhoni. At first innings to take 100 score by 17.5 overs and next to take over 100 score was 26.5 overs and 3 players had been runout. This leads to Bangladesh was lose the match. 

Highlights of the match

  • In Asia cup final match century by Litan Daas was recored has 5th person who did a century at final match 
  • International cricket in history 800 outs taken 3rd wicket keeper from Asia was recorded by M. S Dhoni
  • 9 International matches Bangladesh has lose all 9 nock out matches. 
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