Indonesia faces earthquake and tsunami

Indonesia faces the second time  big  earthquake since 2004 Sumatra tsunami. This earthquake start the Sulavesi island at Friday night sudden earthquake was raised with rectar scale 7.5 , at this time 5 to 6 meters height of tsunami was raised over all 1500 above peoples are died at that moment and 1 lakh people are inhabitants .Hospitals was destroyed and the injured people are cured in varanda of hospitals . Coastal areas was destroyed by tsunami .  Army officers and disaster management forces are come to help the people who are struck in the buildings. All sides are very dangerous situation dead bodies are struck in mud its looking hilarious situation. Saturday night the death peoples are 384 told by forces they have chance to increase more deaths in earthquake effected areas. Earthquake was raised in below 10 kilometers of earth crust at Friday was explained by American geological survey . United nations press meet external affairs minister of India  Susma Swaraz told they help Indonesia .

Heart breaking situations at Indonesia

Due to earthquake lots of houses was destroyed and more than 1 lakh  more people are inhabitants and thousands of people are died struck in buildings . Hospitals was destroyed and care of patients take place in verandas. At beaches lots of people died inside the mud and some other peoples are missing .Some people died with big injuries.

Army and disaster management has joined to rescue

Forces has joined to rescue the people who are struck in buildings and mud. Indonesia president Joco Vidodo has increases the forces and speed up the operation of rescue . Electricity and communications was stopped. Children are more effected by the earthquake and tsunami.
Transportation facility was destroyed
Roads and famous bridges was destroyed . Due to land slides some roads are closed  and the famous masjid at beach was destroyed by tsunami.

History of earth quake in Indonesia

  •        It was first occurs in 2004 december 26 at Samatra at that time rector scale was 9.3 earthquake occur 24 meters height tsunami was occur at that time 1 lakh 68 thousand peoples are died and this effected by India also.
·        Second time at 2005 march rector scale was 8.6  at that time 900 peoples are died.
·        Third time in 2006 at march in java island there are moretahn 6000 peoples are died
·        Fourth time also earthquake come at Sumatra island rector scale 7.6  at that time 1100 people are died.

At that time regularly Indonesia faces earth quakes and tsunamis continuously and more than hundreds of people died.

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