Multisorb plant at Hyderabad

The American company multisorb has started his plant at Hyderabad. Due to the productions of chemicals, pharma field. Multisorb produces the oxygen and wet packages at America same productions started now in India.GMR Hyderabad aviation sez now started the India’s biggest production plant at Hyderabad.

 Construction,machineries first stage budget was 44 crores rupees was started.At first stage there are 35 employees are working at sez was explained by Multisorb president and ceo Aric Armynet.
At thusrday press meeting filtration group GM Laksmikanth kai taan, COO Michel Lippawas told at present America they have two productions plants and after  US they first plant at hyderabad has been started.

In this plant chemical, pharma, medical devices,and other usage of mini pax, strip pax, inteli pox,stabi lax, active packages are produced at this plant.The annual production capacity was 30 crores of packages and next annual year this capacity was increases to over 100 crores of packages.

Research and development are also at Hyderabad

At present the Indian companies they medical products are import from America through aeroplanes and ships. But now this products are produced in Hyderabad and also further research and development (R&D) has established at Hyderabad it was explained by ARIC with 2 acres of land has developed with 38 years of leasing the deal was accepted by GMR aviation sez.

 Health , food and bevareges, industrial electronics companies packaged oxygen and wet productions distribution by Filtration group and Multisorb company. Last year turn over of Filtration group was 125 million dollars into this 10% of share would be taken by India . Doctor Reddy’s , Arabindo , Sun pharma and other some famous 60 Indian companies clients are  participated at this event .

High lighted points of this deal

  •   After America the first production sector in India
     ·     This deal was taken by GMR aviation group with 44 crores
     ·      In this plant oxygen and wet packages will be produced
     ·       Through this deal the products are produced in india with no imports from America
     ·        It was India’s biggest production plant
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