coffee is best for hair

Coffee is best our hair because coffee cotains  some oxidants this can make stylish, soft, silky, shiny, and give strength to the hair growth. This steps are follow mention in the below:-

  • Take a half cup of coffee beans and make a decotion. After getting normal temperature of decotion take a cotton put this cotton on decotion and start massage the hair leave it upto half an hour. After 30 minutes take a bath.Due to this hair will be strengthen and growth of hair will be fast.                                                  
  • After taking bath with shampoo take a coffee decotion start the massage to hair. Leave it upto 15 minutes , and wash the hair. It work like a conditioner to the hair. It removes the problem of  hair fall.                                                                               
  • Take a quater cup of coffee beans mixed with hair oil and start boiling in low flame. Leave the beans in oil upto 8 hours and remove the beans from oil. These oil put into the jar. Weakly two times use this oil to hair. Due to this hairfall will be reduce and the growth of hair will be improved.                                                             
  • In conditioner mix a table spoon of coffee powder, after taking bath leave it upto 5-10 minutes and then wash the hair. Due to  this hair will be shiny and soft.                                                                                                                                                
This above steps will be follow the hair  will be smooth, silky, shiny, and strengthen the hair. 
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