Custard apple is good for health

Custard apple is surrounded inside by the seeds with sweet and creamy flesh.It has several advantages of this fruit let us know what they are :-

 If we eat custard apple it is good for eyes because it highly conatins vitamin - A so it is improve our eyes visibility for long time. 

Custard apple conatins huge amount of potassium due to this it controls the high blood pressure. 

This fruit reduces the weakness of muscles and improves strength to the muscles in the human body. 

Anemia disease people can eat this fruit it helps very lot because custard apple contains iron and copper this can reduce the anemia disease and helps to increase  the blood in human body. 

Custard apple contains huge amount of fibre. This fibre mixed with copper and help to reduce the problem of constipation in the body. This fibre also improves the digestive system. 

This fruit contains a several anti oxidants, vitamin-C so it improves the immunity system in human body. This custard apple is reduces many diseases. 

Custard apple contain magnesium this improve the flow of blood in the human body due to this heart become healthy. 

Custard apple removes the problem of bones like rumatism and ardharitese. 

Custard apple work as medicine who are going into depression. 

These is about custard apple it is the very good nature gift fruit. It contains several anti oxidants those are helps to our body. So its this food  and maintain a good health. 

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