Global warming faced by the world countries

If the world nations are not control the global warming we can't imagine how much heat winds increases United Nations has warned to the nations. Due to drought world nations has loosed many employees. Due to the effect of this India and Pakistan faced the heavy heat winds  due to the globl warming. United Nations part of International panel climate change has survey released. 

In India coastal area Kolkata and financial city of Pakistan Karachi the global warming effect more  in this cities  explained by the IPCC survey. There is no limit to usage of  vehicles through this heavy pollution will be raises and deforestation takes places all over the world due to this effect world tempareture increases over 1.5 degrees celcius . This effect the world heat will be increses India, Pakistan has faces the heavy heat winds has per the survey of IPCC. 

Diseases will increses

If the 2030 year the tempareture will be increased to 2 degrees we can't imagine the destruction of the earth this was explained by the IPCC. 

First it was effects in tempareture Drought will be occures,  due to drought the tempareture increases  agriculture will be decrease and with same the world  insects has increses this effects diseases will be raised like dengue, malaria, dangerous fevers will be occur due to the effect of tempareture increases in the world. 

During this effect hungry ness  increases and diseases also increases  lots of people will be died. In India metropolitan cities  the heat winds will be occurs due to sun light. It was effected the 35 crores of people in the world. In polar regions the snow was starting melt due the increasing tempareture this effects oceans are increased. The Coastal areas are damaged due to increases oceans water.

This effects like drought, dieseases, the prices of needed goods will be increases inflation occur. Migration will be happen some lakhs of people are moved to cities for employment due to this the salaries will be decreased. 

At final heavy destruction will be  faced by the earth as per the survey of International Panel Climate change. 

If we control 1.5 degree celcius

In Poland this year December 2-14 days  the summit will be happen due to the climate changes. World nations has attend to this  meeting in this meet they prepare plan to reduce and contol the glbal warming. If we control below the 1.5 degree Celsius tempareture per annum due to changes of climate we can protect the some crores of people. As like same in Asia paddy, wheat, corn farming loses will be decreased. At 2050 poverty will not increased. At 2100 the world oceans depths will be decreased to 10 centimeters. At 2035 carbon production will try to decrease to 45% as per the IPCC. 

So if we control global warming we can protect the some crores of people to death and we can reduce this destruction of global warming . So we need to plant trees as much you can and  try to control the global warming. 

                                               SAVE TREES AND SAVE MOTHER EARTH
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