India won the test series over West Indies

At second test West Indies has faces lose the victory. India won the match by 10 wickets in Uppal Stadium Hyderabad. At second innings West Indies team was all out with score 127. Sunil Ambris score was highest in this match by 38 runs. Indian bowlers Umesh Yadav had taken 4 wickets and Jadeja also taken 3 wickets. West Indies score 72  at second innings. India won the match by easily without losing the wicket at 16.1 overs India did 75 runs.

Last over night India score is 308/4 with this score India start the third day at secpnd innings India was all out with the score of 367. Rishabh Panth (92) and Ajankya Rahaney (80) was failed to score century in this innings. Holder got 5 wickets in this match. Umesh Yadav got "man of the match" award first time in career by taking 10 wickets in this series and Prudhvi sha got "man of the series" award by the score of 237 runs in this series.

So this team India won the match ver easily over West Indies by 10 wickets.

Score details 

West Indies first innings:311

India first innings: Rahul (b) Holder 4; Prudhvi Sha (c) Hetmeir (b) Warican 70; Pujara (c)  Sub-Hamilton (b) Gabriel 10; Kohili (lbw) (b) Holder 45; Rahaney (c) Hope (b) Holder 80; Rishabh Panth (c) Hate Meir (b) Gabriel 92; Jadeja (lbw) (b) Holder 0; Ashwin (b)  Gabriel 35; Kuldip Yadav (b) Holder 6; Umesh (c) Sub - Hamilton (b) Warican 2; Shardul Thakur (not out) 4. 

Extras : 19

Total : (106.4 overs all out) 367.

Wickets take place : 1-61, 2-98, 3-102, 4-162, 5-314, 6-314, 7-322, 8-334, 9-339.

West Indies second innings : Brathwait (c) Panth (b) Umesh 0; Pavel (c) Rahaney (b) Jadeja 28; Hatemeir (c) Pujara (b)  Kuldip 17; Ambries (lbw) (b) Jadeja 38; Chej (b) Umesh 6; Dourich (b) Umesh 0; Holder (c) Panth (b) Jadeja 19; Bishu ( not out) 10; Warican (b) Ashwin 7; Gabriel (b) Umesh 1.

Extras : 1

Total : (46.1 overs all out) 127.

Wickets take place : 1-0, 2-6, 3-45, 4-45, 5-68, 7-108, 8-109, 9-126.

Inda second innings : Prithvi Sha (not out) 33; Rahul (notout) 33;

Extras : 9

Total : (16.1 overs no wickets losed) 75.

Some records made at this series

  • Home town of India in test match 10 wickets taken by the third indian facer Umesh Yadav has settel a record. In past Jawagal Srinath (13/132 at Kolkata by the team of pakistan in 1999), Kapil dev two times (11/146 at Chennai by the team of Pakistan in 1980 and 10/135 at Ahmedabad by the team of West Indies in 1983) Those 3 persons are recored.                                                                                         
  • Home country of India won the 10 series without losing from 2013-18. Highest home country series won by the Australia and India is also placed.                                     
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