china new bridge

China has ready to settle a big engineering construction of a bridge. World longest sea bridge will be opening on 24th October. This bridge built in the Pearl river delta to connect between  Hong kong - juhai-macau cities. It will be opened by china president Xi jingping. The total length of this bridge is 55 kilometers. 22.9 kilometers are covered by the sea and the 6.7 kilometers are connect by the tunnel.

It was the multi billion project started in 2009 December. This bridge has connected to Hong Kong  airport due to this the traffic of laantu Island was increases. Transportation of china has started to run 5 thousand private cars to this bridge at the opening day.

Bridge specifications

  • This bridge is longest sea bridge in the China. It is the 6th longest bridge in the world. 
  • They used 4 lakhs tonnes of steel to construct the bridge. 
  • Present Hong kong to Juhai travelling time is 3 hours but now due to this bridge the time reduced to 30 minutes. 
  • Chima started this project because in past the  'greater bay area' but now converted into 'economic hub' due to this China started this project. 
  • Some exports are done by the pearl river bridge from west to east it plays major role to transportation of exports. 
  • At 2030 daily 29 thousands of vehicles will be travel on this bridge.

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