Best ways to reduce weight loss

At the present time there are lots of members faced the obesity problems. This obesity occurs eating plan, pollution, depression, and stress. This best ways is follow  can definitely reduce your weight. 
  1. Take a note book and write your food diet plan and mention the calories of that food. You can write  what you eat in every half an hour. In this food diary you mention what to eat  there calories and exercises that also mention. This type of plan can follow within 6 months you can can reduce 7 kilograms of weight.               
  2. At the time of you watching TV shows not sit only one place you start walk that time. After advertisements you go to stairs  up and down. Night times 2 hour shows watching every 2 minutes take a break due to this 270 calories are reduced. You follow regularly within 1 year 10 kilograms of weight will be reduced.                            
  3. There are some foods with high fat like cookies, chocolates, chips, ice cream, fast food,...etc this type of food try to reduce this foods. If you are eat 6 fatty foods per weak try to reduce 4 and same like 3,2,1, after this you stopped to eat this fatty foods. Take oranges, carrots, fresh fruits and vegetables.                                                          
  4. Daily morning do exercises  like squats, push-ups at their home. Lift 2 litres water bottles with hands and vegetables bags also lift. This type of exercises can follow regularly metabolism increases muscles are being strong. And also helps to reduce weight.               
  5.  Daily 2-3 minutes  walk with stairs up - down and walks with steps from 3-5 floors within one year 2 kilograms of weight can be reduced.                           
  6. 89% of people use vehicles under the 3 kilometers due to this every one hour 6 grams of weight will be increased. You will reduce weight take a pledge  try to walk for go office or any other works within under 3 kilometers. Don't uses cars and motor vehicles under 3 kilometers try go walk duse to this you can reduce weight upto 6-7 kilos per annum.                                                 
  7. Eat fruits not drink, daily if you eat fruits our body gets a vitamins,  nutrients from the fruits. Daily eat one apple per day our heart will be healthy. If the fruits juice you drink only you will get calories not vitamins and some nutrients. So take fruits in front of fruits juices.                                                                                      
  8. Take a friend and go the exercises or gyms you got encouragement and support from your friend. Because  we can go with friends each other are chatting, both are doing exercise we can get good support from our friend. Food habits are share with friends  and try to reduce 300 calories per day. And walk more than a mile with friends we cant feel bore. Due to this we can reduce upto 6 kilos during 9 months.                                                 
  9. Dont drink coffee and teas daily because one cup coffee and tea with mix of sugar we eat 239 calories from that drink. Try to reduce this habits  we lose our upto 6 kilos during one year.             
  10. Main important point to reduce our weight it is the good sleep. If you sleeping is good this can reduce our our weight. Try to make a good sleep. 
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