commercial pilot as a career

In this present world pilot job is good and best for the youth. In society pilot job as a good name and salaries  are also attractive. Who wants to dream as a pilot career this job is good and best for the present youth. Pilot job is challenging and always should alert to do this job. Multi-tasking skills  are compulsory in this job. In aviation field pilot has a great demand and supply due to this the next 10 years chances to get this job is more. 

Two step verification 

In this aviation field has to settle with pilot job like commercial pilot first they two step verification training this is first student pilot license and the second is private pilot license after this two training sessions we treated as a commercial pilot. 

Student pilot license (SPL) 

As career of commercial pilot to start the first step is to get student pilot license. Directorate  general of  civil aviation (DGCA)  recognized centres of flying clubs this traning is available. Qualification  for student pilot license is intermediate MPC  pass is needed. For getting this student pilot license navigation, meteorology, air regulation this exams should be conducted and must to be pss in this exams to get student pilot license. 

Private pilot licence

After getting student pilot licence from recognized flying clubs  training sessions. These people first to take training in non-passenger flights upto 60 hours driving experience and next DGCA conducting a written test, medical fitness in this exams should be pass compulsory. After winning this exams will get a private pilot license. 

Commercial pilot license 

Some aviation acedemies commercial pilot license tranings will be available. In this training time the candidates should be get 250 hours of flight driving experience and after DGCA conducting the exams in this can win  then get as a commercial pilot licence. After this all getting licenses the way of pilot career will be started. 

Career goes like

After receiving commercial pilot license., we get a co - pilot job  for freshers. In this   time we need to co-operate with  flight main pilot (captain). At present time co-pilot can get salary per month 1 lakh and after getting  1 to 2 years experience we can get salary upto 3 lakhs per month. 

Pilot career is more expensive 

This pilot training the fees are more expensive. For student pilot license, private pilot license, commercial pilot licence  this trainings  fees upto 25-30 lakhs. After investing the huge amount there is no guarantee for getting this job because in medical fitness tests, job market some chances will be happening it is effective to the pilot job. 

So who wants to dream as a pilot career the candidates  should be ready with plan B also. 

Some flying clubs in India

  • Government aviation training institute - Bhuvaneswar
  • Indian aviation acedemy - Mumbai
  • Jamshedpur co-operative flying club
  • All India Institute of aeronautics - Dehradun 
  • Rajiv Gandhi aviation acedemy-Secundrabad
  • Indira Gandhi Rastriya Udhan acedemy-Bareli
  • Some private flight companies they started there own flying clubs they statr the institutions and give training to the candidates. 
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