Coriander leaves benefits

If coriander leaf is not in our food it is in complete without coriander. If you need taste in food definitely mix the coriander leaves. This coriander leaves maintain the good health of the body. It have lots of advantages of this leaves let us know some of ther..

Benefits of coriander leaves 

Coriander leaf contains some anti-septic, anti-fungal qualities due to this infections are reduced. Skin injuries are heal fast with coriander and it protect from Exima skin disease.

Coriander removes the bad cholesterol from blood and remove the fat that stick around the blood cells. It helps to blood flow smoothly and increase good cholesterol in the body. It decrease the problem of heart attack.

It improves hungry ness in the body it act like appetizer. After eating food it helps to digest the food smoothly. It removes the diarrhea problem and it maintains good health of digestive system.

Coriander removes the problem of vamtings. It controls high blood pressure in the body. It decrease blood cells pressure in the body. Due to this paralyzed problems, heart attack problem should be reduced.

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It removes the problem of sores in mouth who are effected. It also removes the bad smell in mouth. Coriander contain anti septic quality that helps to remove the problem.

Coriander contains huge amount of iron due to this it decrease the problem of lack of blood (anemia). Due to lack of blood effect tiredness, respiratory problems, increasing in heart beats, weakness such like problems are will be decreased.

Coriander contain anti-hestamine quality due to this lots of allergies will be removed.

Coriander contain huge amount of calcium due to this it maintain strong and good health of bones. Due to this reason growth of children coriander helps very much. It removes the astioporosis disease.

Coriander contain huge amounts of vitamin - A due to this it is the best for eyes, and it maintains good health of eyes. It improves the vision of eye for a long time.

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