Data scientist as a career

At present time data scientist have a great demand in IT field and government sectors. It is software course to analyze the big data in the IT companies. 

What is data scientist?

At this time computers was increases and data also increases  and that data should be analyzed and give big information. It is useful for development of business sectors like e-commerce, corporate companies, government sectors and this sectors have produced zeta bytes of data for storage of all records of companies. That data need to be analyzed and give information to the companies. That persons called data scientist.

If data should be analyzed the business operations the profitpof organizations was increased.

Qualifications of data scientist? 

This data science jobs needed such qualifications for entry in this field is maths/statistics/computer science graduation is compulsory and other higher category of this job needed post - graduation. If you are working at IT sector at present it have chances to increase to get this job.

Data mining, Data structures, Data management, visualizations, Algorithms, Business domains that subject knowledge is also required to get this job. 

Needed skills

Mathematics interest, interest to enter in data field, finding a solution to any problems. 

Computer science (languages, databases)  statistics, mathematics (linear algebra, calculus, probability), visualizations, coding skills, that particular field knowledge is compulsory for data scientist.

As go for data scientist you need some tools like aar, python programming language, if you dont have any programming language skills then you need to go aar language, and some other languages like SAS, Hive, Matlab, SQL, SPARK, HUDUP, that you need knowledge for data scientist. 

Career scope in data scientist 

Data scientist career in IT field was king of all jobs. This job attractive to all the IT for employment. 

In this job we can earn salary more than a software engineer and we work with top management so this job is attractive for IT learners.

Data scientist, Data analyst, Big data architech, senior analyst, Big data developer, big data analyst, bussiness consultant these posts we can work in this field. 

Data scientist jobs available  in top companies like Microsoft, TCS, Infosys, Vipro, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, and some other companies this job was available. 

At this time we can get this job fast because the people work in this field is very less. So we can get job fast. 

All fields we need data scientists

Communication sector data scientist is require. Government sectors, financial sectors, IT services, education, production, health care centers, manufacturing sectors, marketing,  HR, Banking, e-commerce, tourism and other sectors this job will be needed. 

Attractive salary

In IT field software engineer job can get freshers is 3 lakhs per annum, 

In this data field the fresher can get 7 lakhs per annum, and four to five years experiance we can get upto 12 lakhs per annum. 


At market data scientist have great demand and this courses are available in IIMs and Hyderbad(ameerpet) this course is available. 

And this courses are also available in online also  providing some websites like kaggel, analytics study, coursera, edecs, udacity, data science central. 

I hope this information is useful to my viewers and thanks to read.  

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