Employees work for 10000 salary in India

As per State of Working India report 82% males and  92% females work for 10,000 salary. 

One side GDP of India increases and other same side also increases the unemployment in India. Last 20 years the unemployment rate was increases continuously the recent survey of State of Working India 2018 explained. As per population of India 5% of Unemployment problem was raised. In this recent survey 16% of educate youth has suffer this unemployment in India. In our nation last 20 years the unemployment problem was increased continuously  this is very dangerous problem  to our country. 

If the unemployment problem one side there is no full work in there hands that problem also suffering in India. Due to these no full work the salaries also paid very low to the employee. 16% of higher studies educated  youth are can't find employment in our country.

In north India the unemployment rate was more when compared to other states. 

In Chattisghad, Gujarat, Karnataka the unemployment rate is not increased in these states as per recent survey. 

In India the earnings of mid level people are not satisfied with there  salaries because   they earn upto below 10,000 rupees. In India 92% of ladies and 82% of men earn upto below 10,000 rupees. Total nation 67% of families there monthly income was below 10,000 has per survey of 2015. 90% in Industries  given the salaries are also very low in India. Due to this effects the development of people,  employment opportunities, are decreased in India as per the recent survey. 

In 1970-80 the GDP growth rate was 3 to 4 percent at that time the employment growth rate was 2% per annum. In 1990-2000 the GDP growth rate was 7% the employment growth rate was declined to 0.75% per annum. 

In the same GDP growth rate was 10%  and the employment growth rate was only 1% was increased as per the survey of State of working India. 
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