Exports are down in last September

India exports are down when compared to last year 2017 September exports  and 2018  September exports there is no growth in exports. The value - 2.15 are down. In March the value of exports down rate is - 0.66 and this is first time to down the -2.15 exports that much of percentage. This situation happens continuously nation current accounts are gone to be loss and the competition of dollar Indian rupee value is going into down. International trade situation are not stable. Government releases some calculation highlights :-

  • 2018 September exports value is 27.95 billion dollars. In last 2017 same month the exports value is 28.56 billion dollars.                                                                               
  • Imports are increased to 10.45%. The value of this exports is 37.9 billion dollars to 41.9 billion dollars are incresed.                                                                                        
  •  In September exports-imports differences of trade loss is 13.98 billion dollars. Last five months this is the heavy down rate recorded. Crude oil prices are high but trade loss was occur in last month.                                                                                  
Real also :-

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  • In September exports related some fields are recorded good growth in this month they are petroleum products, organic, inorganic chemicals, medical  that fields are placed.                                                                                                                           
  • From April - August exports value is 12.54% growth recorded. Imports value 16.16% growth recorded. From April- September trade loss is 94.32 billion dollars.                                                                                                                                          

           No worries... : central government 

In 2017 September due to high base effect reason 2018 September exports value is decreased . In 2017 September exports growth are recorded upto 26%. Goods and Service Tax (GST) give period for registration is over due to this exports growth  is increased  this is the reason for exports increased. 

Recent calculations explained this temporary situation for decrease in exports. Exports again growth rate will be increasing conform. October month this growth rate will be start to increase. Financial year after six months this growth rate situation will be happen. As per the trade department of India.               
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