India invites Huawei

The famous Chinese company hand sets production Huawei got invitation from Indian government to take participate in 5g trails telecom department of India send a official invitation to India on September 27 that Huawei company CEO Jae Chen explained. For trails choose places some places in India, for 5g trails 100 mega hedz spectrum has taken by the telecom company. 

Huawei company has ready to set up the first 5g trails in Delhi and some other places with there state governments are both are working. 

Next 5 years India's financial system has taken strength of growing the telecom department and employment, budget, market will be increases. All our the world the investments are attract to put in India to grow the economy. 

At 2020 ready to 5g 

For 5g applications development, trail runs Indian government invites famous companies like Samsung, Nokia, Ericson, Sisco, LEC. 
At 2019  second quarters  5g services spectrum Indian government has ready to organize the auction. 

According telecom department 8664 mega hedz frequency  plan to auction this items. The base price will be 4.9 lakh crores. 

At 2020 for commercial and technology the 5g services will be ready to launch in India. 

According to this our India developed with this technology all the sectors was also developed and the employment in telecom department also increases. The budget of India is also increases. 
This helpful to all the sectors in India. 
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