Japan passport is most powerful passport in the world

Powerful passport means there is no requirement of visa travelling  we can travel to any country without visa. Countries to travel without visa that country passport treated as most powerfull passport. At present Japan cross over Singapore passport and secure a most powerfull passport in the world. With Japan passport Japanese people can travel to 190 countries without visa or can take visa at airport in those countries. That 190th coutry is Myanmar got placed. 

This powerful passport second place is secure by Singapore with 189 countries, third place by France, Germany, South Africa with 188 countries. With Indian passport can travel to 59 countries without visa or visa on arrival. In this list India place is 76 in most powerful passport. Developed countries like America, Britain secure fifth place with 186 coutries can travel without visa. In 2015 these developed countries are in first place but present they secured 5th place in the world. 

In this race United Arab Emirates has growing very fast in 2006 country place is 62 but now UAE reached to 21st  place in the world. According to the data of International Air Transport Association Henley passport index  give rankings to the coutries. 

Advantages of this passport

Generally we can't travel to other countries without visa. For the registration of visa is expensive and require to attend interview, after processing all requirements at that time visa will be given. With powerful passport there no requirement of all this , we can travel to any country with only passport does not require the visa. The agreements between  countries this facility will be available. With European Union agreement some countries visa free travel facility will be available. 
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