Nobel jury selected two persons in medicine for Nobel prize

World faces the deadly dangerous disease cancer. Revolutionary treatment was introduced by the two doctors named like Tusuku Honzo(76), and James Alison (70), has those persons are selected for the nobel prize. At present cancers treatment was directly enter into the cancer cells and destroy the cancer cells that was cured by the doctors. Honzo and Alison they tried a new treatment of immunotherapy to the cancer through this the cancer cells are destroyed faster and improves the anti-virus system in the body. Throughout the immunotherapy  process they got success. The nobel jury selected for  nobel prize to those two doctors for his new treatment. 

In this process of immunotherapy  they targeted to the anti-disease system produces the proteins through this we can destroy the cancer cells very fast. 

Nobel jury told those two persons got a revolutionary success in the treatment of cancer. This system improves the anti - disease system in the body. And this system gives strength to the cells for fight of cancer cells. Nobel prize money was 1.01 million dollars shared by the two persons.

On the day of Alfred Nobel death day December 10 in Stockholm by the hands of Sweden king Carl - 16 will be distributed to those two persons like Tusuko Honza and James Alison. 

What is immunotherapy ? 

The new treatment of cancer is immunotherapy. No trespasses of cancer cell was increses in the body this therapy helps to destroy the cancer cells fast. Present treatments of cancer cure like kimotherapy, lazer treatment are avaliable at this time. In this Immunotherapy the anti - disease system T-cells (T- limposites - it a part of white blood cells) this find the cancer cells and destroy it. Immunotherapy has two parts. One of this is anti-disease system T-cells cheakpoint inhabitars. Good healthy cells differences of T-cells can find through special protein receptors. They called cheakpoints. Throgh this we can find easy what is good healthy cell and cancer cell. 

Second type in immunotherapy we uses the sitokines. This can develop the anti-disease system this help to destroy fast of cancer cells. Some special chemicals are used to increase the T-cells in this body to destroy the cancer cells. 

Third type is vaccines some cancers we use some vaccines to cure the cancer this can be use carefully by the doctors. Other cancers can attack we use this vaccinesvto incerase the strength of T-cells for destroying the cells. This type can effect the body with hungryness, tiredness, cough, was problems raised. 
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