Olive oil tips and hair breakage tips

olive oil tips

Olive oil is completely useful from hair to leg nails. Olive oil helps to increase the beauty and also work as makup removal.

Olive oil work like hair conditioner to the hair. Take a One tea spoon of olive oil and start massage to hair  due to this rough hair convert into smooth hair and any style of hair can be done. In every one week take a massage with olive oil to hair.

It work like a good cleanser. In winter season use olive oil regularly. Take a one tea spoon of olive oil and cotton start a massage to face. Due to this massage our body release some toxins and dust from outside it can be removed through olive oil. It is a natural moisturizer it keep our skin smooth.

Take a massage of olive oil to body and after take a bath of hot water. Use a less PH value soaps to body.

For facial massage use olive oil instead of facial creams. After massage leave up to dry and use cool water to wash.

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Hair breakage tips

Duse lack of nutrition to hair, use of less oil to hair, and heat these are the reasons for hair breakage. At this time don't use hair dryers. In every one week cut the bottom  of hair where breakage occur.

Before sleeping in night use a castor oil to massage hair from bottom to top of hair. Morning take a bath.

Take one tea spoon of castor oil, mustard oil, and olive oil mix those oils massage the hair from bottom to top. After take towel put the towel into hot water and tie the towel to head leave up to half an hour and then take bath.

These tips can follow hair breakage will be reduce.

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