PM Modi receives champion of the earth award

Clean and good environment is the part of the Indian heritage was told by Modi on Wednesday. Environment, disaster this is also link between nature and human. We need to protect our environment and mother nature  we feel like it a part  of our human life. If we not taken some actions on this to protect our environment disasters has raised and should be hard to control. 

United Nations (UNO) give distributes the honourable award environment award 'champion of the earth' has given to PM Narendra Modi by the hands of Antonio Gyuterus. International Solar Alliance (ISA) was successfully followed by the Modi and France president Emmanuel Mecron has both shared this award. 

After the award receives Narendra Modi speaks Agriculture, Industrial, houses, toilet constructions all our government has taken many steps to protect environment and clean India. 

Present time India take many steps  to  protect our environment. When compare to 2005 to 2020 carbons produced industries 20-25%,  at 2030 30-35% has tries to reduce this industrial carbons. At the year 2022 one time used plastic has taken step to banned this item has targeted. 

This award honour to all tribals in India 

Narendra Modi speaks in India some tribal people are living in forests they loves trees more than there life. Farmers have tried hard to nation to fill hungry and give food to country. Trees worship woman also lived in India. This award is dedicated to all Indians has told by Modi

Indians respect the environment and protect. It is the part of our daily life to rescue the environment from de-forestation. Swarch Bharat Abhiyan has changed many minds to clean there surrondings and protect the mother nature. 

Real leader Modi:Gyuterus 

Where is the good environment the development take place that explained by the  Antonio Gyuterus. Real qualities of a leadership has completely available in Modi. Environment protect awareness and prevent the problems of environment the Indian government has got success to take many steps to reduce the some problems of environment. It has honour to give this award to Narendra modi that explains the Antonio Gyterus. 
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