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Present time for small job requires computer knowledge. In IT field technology changes day by day. Softwares are also changing . Due to this some new programming languages, databases are coming. In last few years all departments or organizations uses some popular software programming languages, due to this job can get easily done through programming languages. Let us know what they are...


At present Java uses inall over the world in many fields like banking, telecom, financial services, aviation, retail, consumer products academic, life sciences. World popular companies also use this software language. Java like a big ocean in programming language. Android apps, banking and finance field server apps, e-commerce, web applications in such fields Java can be used. Mainly this government health departments, insurance, education, defense and other fields are made of Java programming language. Software tools, trading applications, big data technologies, natural language processing and scientific applications are also used Java programming language. Due to this Java knowledge is compulsory in all fieds. If Java can learn those people have lot of jobs in software field. 

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C programming language 

Smart phone operating system is written in C programming language not only smart phone it can be used in all technologies. This is the high level language of the computer. This language coding can understand easily and read. NASA, ISRO  are such big organizations are use this C language for there projects. Browsers, operating systems are all written in C language. C language gives fast results to the user so it can be used in androids, windows operating systems, networking, automation, robotics, signaling protocols, telecommunications, gaming, microcontrollers, database, language enterprises in all those fields C language plays a key role. C language can learn easily. Due to the popularity of C language the jobs are available in more.

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In world mostly using another language after C that is C++. Systems programming, video games, drivers, client server applications, numerical applications, desktop applications, mobile programming, web programming, machine learning, data science, robotics, virtual reality in such fields C++ are using. It was mostly used in  graphical interface working applications can be developed with this language. C++ is derived from the C programming language. First this language can be using in video games development and banking, but now this language is useful in all fields. This language is difficult to learn before can enter to C++ must have knowledge in C programming language then after enter. 

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Python programming language 

It was new and simple to learn this python programming language. It uses in the scientific computing, data mining, macchine learning, artificial intelligence are such fields are more used. Web development, web programming, desktop applications can develop easily with this language. This language is also called scripting language. All operating systems, platforms, apps development, game development it can be use ful this high level language called python. 

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SAP is the popular enterprise resource planning software. It uses in the companies business related finances, logistics, production, human resource development in such field this languageis useful. It have great demand in health care, aerospace, defense, sales and marketing, finance and cost accounting and oil-gas industries. It mandatory to learn SAP in such fields like pharmacy, production planning, engineering, management. SAP organization has give different modules related 160 certification is given. Students can choose any module to there related fields. 

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