How to create a YouTube channel

How to become a youtuber

How to become youtuber

Present days youtube is the best platform to represent our talent in national or international. Any fields of knowledge like entertainment, comedy, technology, beauty, fashion, fitness, education,except adult content we can show our talent via videos in YouTube. From youtube we can grow stars and earn money but its very difficult to become a youtuber we need patience to become youtuber. First starting days youtube career is frustrating after some days you will get visitors to your videos and then you can start to earn money form youtube. Only one night we not become a youtuber we need huge patience and dedication to become a youtuber. 

How do you earn money from youtube 

In any online platforms main earnings source is via advertisements to this publishers. Both advertisers and publishers are to be paid. Now youtube change his policies because spamming of videos of others and using voice overs to other videos, copying of other videos, through this incidents are happening more in youtube . So youtube made tough and difficult rules should be followed like quality of videos, 4000 hours watch time  should be completed within one year and need 1000 subscribers after this your channel get qualified to monetization. 

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Important tools for YouTube 

  • For youtube channel creation there is no investment needed. There are some tools are available in youtube for making our videos quality and good looking. Due to this views are increases amd subscribers also increases.                                     
  • Before you starting a channel you need to clarify your passion in which field you are interested and make videos on this topic. For recording video you need 720p resolution and more qualities for making video recording. If you have budget take 1300d branded cameras for recording.                                                        
  • Use tripods for recording video easily. Its price also reasonable in market.                      
  • You need to use microphone for recording audio perfectly. It is very important for attracting viewers to your videos.                                                                                        
  • Use blue screen or green screen for background editing.                                                      
  • In video making there are some common mistakes are made for those mistakes rectifying and editing there are some popular softwares are available. Using audio and video editing tools it have chance to create a professional videos. Use third party softwares for video editing. In YouTube inbuilt editing tools are available for creation of dynamic videos.                                                                                         

Increasing views

For getting money in youtube mainly form viewers. Viewers are important for earning money. Upload videos regularly for complete of watch time. Starting days you didn't get money you will need to wait for some days with patience. For payment you need to 100$ above for getting payment. After you will get regular income. 

  • Our videos are be seen in developed countries like USA, UK, Canada our earnings would be high.                                                                                                               
  • For increasing views there are some tips should follow compulsory like attractive titles, thumbnails should be attractive, quality video editing, using english and hindi languages in india, using keyword planner.                        
  • Present times trending videos in youtube is entertainment and educational videos are not trending in YouTube.                                                                                      
  • If your video gone viral in YouTube you have chance to get fame and get huge money. Make unique interesting  videos have chance to increase viewers. Creating new channel try to make fresh, professional videos. Voice over and using perfect keywords for the videos it have chance to increase viewers.                   
  • Use social media websites for your channel pramotion to attract viewers.                  
Nowadays earning of money from youtube is difficult and need to follow the policies of youtube. First six months dont expect earnings after you will star to earn money. Upload videos regularly for increasing watch time. 

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